Divorce is a stressful event for everyone to have to go through. Unfortunately, an added stressor to divorce is how to handle splitting up items of special meaning such as specific memorabilia or family keepsakes. When addressing this issue, be sure to organize a list of all special items, regardless of their monetary value. A judge may evenly divide the assets, or may require you to handle the distribution through mediation if a resolution can not be reached. It’s not just gifts or memorabilia that people have to consider, but also pets, which for many people feel like family. If a couple is not able to decide which party will be keeping the pet, and it has to go to the judge to decide, the judge will generally look at who will be able to spend the most time caring for the pet when considering the best home for the pet to be placed in.


Whether you are wanting to keep that special dish set from your grandparents, or your “child” Fido, it’s important to consider what is truly motivating you for that item. All aspects of the divorce process can be stressful, emotional, and difficult to deal with. Be sure to hire an attorney who can help you, and your best interests, to smoothly and efficiently navigate through a divorce.