You’ve explored all your options…

There are many emotions that can surround a divorce, yet for the most part, the process of a divorce itself is relatively simple and straight forward. Here are some steps to take if you are looking at divorce

  1. Keep good records – It is important to have a detailed list of accounts, balances, addresses and contact information of financial institutions and creditors.
  2. List of Assets and Debts – Assets include real property (home, vacation home, etc.), vehicles, bank accounts, etc. Debts include mortgages, credit cards, etc. Be sure to notify your spouse when you cancel your credit cards and deposits into marital bank accounts.
  3. Put money away – Prepare for legal fees for completing the divorce. Not only do you have attorney fees to think about, but the actual filing fee for the divorce.
  4. Change your estate planning documents – If you already have estate planning documents drafted, you want to be sure to update these documents so your soon to be ex isn’t making medical decisions on your behalf, or doesn’t inherit your assets should you die before your divorce is final.
  5. Hire an attorney – Filing for divorce can be an emotional, strenuous, and sometimes lengthy process. Hire an attorney who is going to be looking after your best interests, and is going to be able to lead you through the divorce process as smoothly and efficiently as possible.