When in probate, have you ever thought of having a medium help in settling disputes and getting a very different perspective? Gerry Beyer summarized an article recently published by C. Lily Schurra regarding psychic mediums role in probate law.

“The goal of this analysis is to take an in-depth look at the way spiritualism has evolved in its connection to the law, particularly in regard to the role psychic mediums have played in that development, as well as what role they should play in the future. Despite the obvious evidentiary concerns of psychic mediums’ presence in the courtroom, both case law and society have slowly begun to recognize the potential advantages that coincide with their use. Though certain preliminary steps necessarily must occur before including psychic mediums in probate law, there is a conceivable benefit to their use, as the trend toward societal acceptance through the last century indicates. In acknowledging “the modern appetite for psychic phenomena,” probate courts can enter a new age of dispute resolution, in which they utilize psychic mediums as resources to achieve a mutually beneficial solution for all involved, including closure for the people most deeply affected by the passing of a loved one.”