The process of buying a home is not only filled with many documents in order to conduct the sale, but there are also many different people involved in the transaction including real estate agents, lenders, title companies, etc. When taking the often times long and arduous journey of purchasing a home, it is very helpful to have a lawyer who is there to look out for you and your best interests. Although your real estate agent provides you a very valuable service, they cannot legally provide you any legal advice, which is where hiring your own attorney can come into play. Hiring your own attorney is ensuring you have representation looking out for you and only you, there is no divided loyalty or duty when it comes to your own attorney. Reading through documents such as purchase agreements can be daunting, having an attorney to help you understand exactly what you are reading, and more importantly, what you are signing, can not only reduce stress during the process, but can greatly reduce stress and potential costs of ill-prepared documents in your real estate transaction down the road. From reviewing the real estate documents to explaining terms of your mortgage loan, a real estate attorney can help guide you through your very exciting, and very taxing, process of your real estate purchase.