A new year brings new goals and resolutions to the forefront of many people’s minds. One resolution for some people is to get their financial affairs in order, particularly their estate planning completed. A person is never too young to think about how to protect and distribute their assets upon their death. No matter your life circumstance, it is important to consider what will happen when you pass away, i.e. distribution of assets, setting up a plan to take care of your children, determining who will handle your affairs and their distribution, etc. Sitting down with an attorney to discuss your current financial situation, and what your goals are for your assets upon your death, can help you establish what type of documents you need drafted for your estate planning. Common general documents used for estate planning are a Will, Health Care Directive, and Power of Attorney. Just thinking of how to get your estate planning started can be stressful, but sitting down with an attorney to discuss it can help guide you to what is best to carry out your wishes, and can help you know a good path to take and what steps need to be taken down that path.

If you already have your estate planning completed, but completed it 20 years ago, now is a great time to review those documents and consider if any revisions are necessary considering the time that has passed and the changing of your circumstances that has occurred. If you haven’t set a new year’s resolution yet, consider getting your estate planning completed or updated for 2022. Contact Ken Wasche today at 763 280 5100 to discuss how to get your estate planning done.