The Eviction Moratorium officially expires as of June 1, 2022. Landlords will be able to proceed with evictions as before COVID. Tenants who are behind on rent, are in violation of their lease, or who are engaging in illegal activities are subject to termination of their lease. Once a landlord files their eviction complaint with the court, the court will issue a summons that informs the defendant that a legal action has been filed with the court and provides the hearing date. At the eviction hearing, the burden is on the landlord to show that he or she is entitled to regain possession of the property; proof can include witness firsthand information, photographs, payment records, correspondence with tenant, etc. If the landlord is successful at trial and the tenant must vacate the premises, the landlord can receive a Writ of Recovery of Premises and Order to Vacate from the court. Once the Writ is received, the landlord must provide it to the sheriff’s office to be served on the tenants; the tenants then have 24 hours to vacate the premises,. If the tenant does not vacate the premises, the landlord can set up a move-out date with the sheriff to have the tenant removed. If you are a landlord and need assistance with evictions, please contact Ken Wasche today at 763 280 5100.