If you have taken the first step and had your estate planning documents (i.e. will, power of attorney, health care directive) drafted, you are off to a great start. However, have you had life changing events since drafting those documents? Have many years passed altering how you want your estate handled? In cases of divorce, it is especially important to make sure you update your estate planning documents so that you have properly appointed your personal representative, health care agent, and attorney-in-fact. As time passes and assets accumulate, you may need to consider creating a trust to protect your assets. No matter a person’s individual circumstances, having a plan for your estate when you pass is important; checking in on that plan periodically to ensure it is still in your estate’s best interest and will best carry out your wishes is equally as important. Call Ken Wasche today to discuss your estate planning, whether it’s time to take that first step and prepare the first drafts, or it’s time to update your documents according to where your life is at since the initial drafting.