A Health Care Directive is a document that appoints a health care agent to act on your behalf in the case of medical circumstances in which you are unable to speak for yourself. Having a Health Care Directive is helpful to health care providers so that your wishes are specifically provided in writing, and you have appointed an agent to speak on your behalf to ensure your wishes are carried out. Your Health Care Directive can specify your wishes regarding life support, artificial nutrition, pain medication, organ donation, etc. If you do not have a Health Care Directive, it will not stop you from receiving medical treatment, but it means that medical providers will be looking to your family for recommendations as to how to proceed with medical treatment if you are not able to decide for yourself. It is a good idea to share this document with your health professionals so they know who to contact, and are also aware of your wishes regarding treatment. As general a estate planning practice, a Health Care Directive is prepared along with a Will and Power of Attorney. If you have questions regarding Health Care Directives, or other estate planning documents, please contact our office.