As of October 12, 2021, the eviction moratorium in Minnesota has been lifted. The Federal CDC eviction mortarium is also no longer in effect. Landlords can now terminate a lease and/or file an eviction for different reasons, including non-payment of rent. However, a landlord cannot proceed with an eviction against a tenant who has applied for rental assistance, this protection lasts until June 1, 2022, for tenants with pending applications; a pending application is considered an application that has been submitted and has not been denied, withdrawn, or paid. If you are a landlord who has tenants behind on rent, make sure you have communicated with them their ability to apply for rental assistance to get that process started, through a program such as RentHelpMN. If a tenant has already applied and been denied, or if a tenant refuses to apply, a landlord can proceed with an eviction. If you have questions as a landlord about how to handle lease violations, or proceed with an eviction, please contact our office today.