Not only is divorce often times a sour event, but it can also be expensive, outrageously so if you aren’t careful. Sometimes in a divorce case, a party doesn’t want to partake in the process, or outright refuses to participate in the legal process. As much as a person sometimes wants to bury their head in the sand and avoid an unpleasant divorce case, it is not something that can be ignored. When a spouse files for divorce, the responding spouse has 30 days to respond to the summons and petition. If the responding party chooses to ignore the served papers and not respond, the filing party can then begin the process of asking the court for a default judgment. In the case of a default judgment, the court will generally provide an Order giving the participating spouse a good portion, if not all, that the party asked the court for in the divorce. If you find yourself at the receiving end of divorce papers, do yourself a favor and contact an attorney to make sure you are well-represented in your interests in the matter. Once the proceedings for divorce are filed with the court, the ball is rolling and you need to make sure you take appropriate action and make sure you have a voice and a say in the divorce. Contact Ken Wasche today for help with your legal needs.